Unique – Natural – Beautiful

The above phrase describes very precisely all creations made by Agee. All the designs reflect her specific personality: passion, style and taste.


All creations are designed by Agee herself and her inspiration sources are various: nature, art or simply imagination. As all concepts are handmade they’re completely unique, so all pieces might differ slightly even if it’s the same design or collection.


Agee uses only natural & quality materials – there’s no place for artificiality here. Her palate includes metals like silver & copper, leather, corals & Swarovski crystals, pearls and beads.


As you can see on sample photos Agee’s creations are precisely hand-crafted pieces of jewellery which are simply cute, appealing, handsome, pretty, stunning, lovely and (…just put another synonym here) to wear, have or just look at… so just get something beautiful for yourself.

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